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"Reimagining the entertainment industry."

Robin Christopher is a digital product visionary, tech entrepreneur and music producer. 

You can read up more on his vision and background below.

Robin's goal is to apply his knowledge of building tech products and digital marketing experience to develop global, innovative digital services and experiences that create impactful value and profitably expand revenue streams across the entertainment industry.

Having had the opportunity to work with a wide range of brands, venture capitals, founders, and executives, from the entertainment tech, sports tech, fintech, proptech, travel, TV, music, and film industries, Robin has been fortunate to experience company development at many different stages, learning how strategic and product-driven priorities shift accordingly while maintaining customer-centricity.

His expertise lies in full end-to-end product management from conceptualizing, developing and launching MVPs to managing strategic product pivots and versioning.

In Tech


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Ventures founded

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Ventures as part of the founding team

In Music

Robin launched his pursuit in music professionally from the age of 17, when he discovered his love for writing music for film and TV. 


To date, Robin has scored over 15 award-winning short and feature films of which some have been selected at renowned film festivals in Montreal, Toronto, London, and Berlin, amongst others. As an artist, he writes contemporary piano and film music.

As music producer, Robin has collaborated with artists in pop music. As musician, he has played in funk jazz, pop, rock, and R&B bands in various-sized venues across the world and directed and arranged music for shows with over 40 musicians.